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What is MTF?

MTF is an internationally recognized destination for aspiring motocross and supercross riders from all over the world. We have been in business for over 16 years. During that time,  bikes, teams, riders, and industry players have all changed and evolved into where we are today, but MTF’s philosophy has remained a constant. We provide a structured, accountable environment where both professional level and amateur level riders can engage in a day-to-day plan to achieve their personal goals. 


MTF has everything a rider needs on site: 

  • gym with experienced and educated trainers, who’s emphasis is on age-appropriate challenges and programs
  • physio room where we do vision therapy
  • low-pressure hyperbaric chamber for recovery and concussion rehabilitation
  • full pro shop with two full-time mechanics
  • kitchen
  • bunkhouse
  • five private cabins for short-term or annual rentals 

Every day before we ride, the riders go to the gym to warm up. Our track crew works very hard to ensure we have the best tracks no matter what the conditions. Out on the track, we work Motos for endurance, sprints for intensity, sections for technique, and starts. MTF has two facilities for a variety of riding — and in case of bad weather. 


We offer our facility to entry level riders of all ages in our weekly camps. We have had riders from 7 to 70 years of age — and I know personally that every one who has attended one of our camps leaves feeling much more knowledgable about bikes and riding. Full-time riders are generally riders with at least some racing experience, but not all are what the industry would consider “seasoned.” We have memberships available for 85cc and up — novice to professional level.

Read more about the MTF facility, philosophy, and our staff here!

Millsaps Training Facility, located in Cairo, Georgia, offers training programs that include comprehensive instruction in riding technique and physical conditioning as well as mental skills coaching to better your motocross and supercross results. Interested in joining? Check out our programs here. Or reach out to us here!

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