Wen Dunlop Tires goes to a MTF Training Camp…

Dunlop Tires has been supporting the prestigious Millsaps Training Facility since 2008. The partnership began when Mike Buckley (Senior Vice President at Dunlop) came to MTF with his son to do a training camp that year. He saw first-hand how effective the camp was and how passionate Colleen Millsaps was in trying to help each individual become a better rider and decided he wanted to support the well-run facility. 

Millsaps Training Facility is a 50-acre establishment specifically made for aspiring motocross and supercross riders. Created in 2003, The full-blown training facility includes structured training programs, camping, and features national caliber Motocross & Supercross tracks.

“I believe it was 2008 when Mike Buckley’s son Cameron was racing and brought him to one of our 1-week camps. After the camp, Mike decided he would like Dunlop to become the official tire of MTF. I believe as a father of a rider he recognized and appreciated the passion we had for teaching young riders proper and safe technique that was meant to make the entire family experience in this sport positive and long lasting.” – Colleen Millsaps

From Racing to Training at MTF

Retired pro Motocross and Supercross rider Bryan Johnson Jr. works alongside Colleen as the Head Trainer at MTF. After spending many years training at MTF while racing, he knows from experience how helpful MTF truly is. Using all of his knowledge from racing and training, he now helps each athlete at the facility perfect their technique and skills on the motorcycle. Using Dunlop Tires for most of his racing career, Bryan believes in Dunlop’s product and appreciates that Dunlop shares the same goal that MTF does, progressing the sport of Motocross and Supercross.

“I think everyone who we work with (companies & riders) all have the same outlook as us. They want to give back to the sport and provide the best product that they can. We both strive to be the best at what we do and are always looking for ways to be better. MTF wants to train riders the best way possible, to be safer and faster. Dunlop offers the best tire possible to allow riders to go faster and to be safer at the same time. We both have the same goal in mind, we just offer different things for the rider.” – Bryan Johnson Jr.

A Longstanding Partnership

Colleen and the Millsaps family believe in Dunlop Tires, and have for many years. They chose to use Dunlop Tires when racing growing up and are proud to have continued the relationship to this day. “The Millsaps support for Dunlop began many years ago as we started in this sport with my son Davi on a 50cc motorcycle and we learned the importance of quality and loyalty. We believed in Dunlop back then and myself, MTF, and my riders believe in it today. Quality is the standard at Dunlop as it is at MTF. That is what makes the two a good partnership and why I believe Dunlop chooses to support MTF.” – Colleen Millsaps

Anthony Rodriguez races through a berm and rollers at MTF's motocross track

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