Welcome to the newest series on the blog, Meet the Members, where we’ll be interviewing full-time members. MTF’s training programs cultivate community and camaraderie between its athletes. Because supercross and motocross training is both physically and mentally challenging, we have found that the community created at MTF encourages riders to achieve their best results. Our property has everything riders need to train. Some members eat breakfast together every morning before walking to the gym for pre-riding warmups. Group workouts make for friendly competition as well. Follow us on Instagram to get insight into what training looks like day-to-day.

Simon Khouri whips over a tabletop on the motocross track.

Simon Khouri

Age: 21 years old

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

Class: 250 B & 450 B

Bike: KX 250F

Favorite race: My favorite race is Mini O’s

Favorite track feature: My favorite track feature is big tabletops

How did you get into racing: My dad introduced me to the sport at a younger age. I had to stop for a long time but got back into it some time ago

Something you’re looking forward to: I’m looking forward to working on my raw speed and race craft.

An improvement you’ve made this year: I’ve definitely improved a lot on my confidence and my balance on the bike

Millsaps Training Facility, located in Cairo, Georgia, offers training programs that include comprehensive instruction in riding technique and physical conditioning as well as mental skills coaching to better your motocross and supercross results. Interested in joining? Check out our programs here. Or reach out to us here! Take a look into MTF’s Facility with this video tour.

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