Ahead of the East Coast Supercross season, we chatted with Jordon Smith about his new team, extensive off-season training, and racing mindset. Keep up with Jordon Smith on his Instagram and follow us to get insight into what training looks like day-to-day.

Jordon Smith speeds out of a corner on MTF's motocross track.

How has your mentality and approach to racing changed with the new team? 

I think that my mentality is mainly the same this year with the new team: I still want to win just as bad as I ever have. It has been a really nice offseason spending all of the time training hard at MTF, and I think that has me a bit more relaxed heading into the season. 

What is your mindset for this season? 

My mindset is to take what the races give me. In other words, I don’t want to try to force the issue too much early in the season. There is going to be some race craft rustiness at the start of the season, so I just want to get back into racing and have fun with it. 

What are your goals for this season?

My goals are always the same, I always believe I can win and I put the work in to win. It’s going to be very hard with a really stacked and talented line up of riders. But with all of the hard work we do at MTF, I know that when the gate drops if I just focus on myself and my laps then I will be right where I want to be soon.

How are you liking the new bike setup?

The new bike is great! Yarrive and the whole Firepower Honda Racing team has provided me with everything I need to be my best. Jamie from Twisted Developments has built me a very fast race engine, and with the help of Ziggy, Mike, and Peter from Factory Connection we have the bike pretty dialed in as far as the suspension and handling goes. 

What race are you looking forward to?

Right now I’m looking forward to Minneapolis. I’ve always enjoyed racing in that stadium and it has been a long time since I’ve got to race. So I’m very excited to get started soon. 

What has your off-season and training looked like? 

My off-season training has been spent the entire time here at MTF. Bryan keeps a close eye on my on track laps and training and Jacob monitors my gym training and program. I think it’s been a great off-season and I’m looking forward to showing how hard we have been working.

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