MTF's on-site gym

Currently, MTF offers three online fitness training programs: beginner, intermediate, and minimal equipment programs.

Beginner Program

The beginner program is the foundational pillar you will need to get started. This program is intended for anyone that has less than a year of training experience and is looking to increase strength and endurance on the bike. Even if you’re an intermediate or advanced level athlete, this program is a great way to come back from an injury or from a long off season. You will have weekly progressions to challenge the body, but the movements are simple enough that anyone can do them in any gym. 

Intermediate Program

The intermediate program is intended for anyone that has at least 1-2 years of training experience OR has completed the beginner program. In this training block, you will see more advanced progressions from the beginner block, with higher sets and reps, more intense endurance training, as well as the introduction of circuit style training in the later months. This is the perfect option if you’re looking for something a little more advanced, but not overwhelming. 

Minimal Equipment

The minimal equipment program is exactly how it sounds. Not everyone has access to a full gym, so this program is made up of exercises that require no equipment, and some exercises that will require one or two pieces of equipment. These are all things you can buy from Walmart or Amazon for a small amount of money. Each piece of equipment you buy increases the quality of your training dramatically.

Advanced Program

We have an advanced training program COMING SOON. The advanced training is intended for experienced athletes that have been training for several years, but need help with peaking and tapering around big races. This is our most involved training program that revolves around big races throughout the year, and is constantly changing. If you’re interested in the advanced training program, be sure to join the waitlist so you can be notified when we launch it!

Interested? Learn more about MTF’s online fitness program here or sign up for MTF’s Online Fitness Training here.

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