Currently, MTF offers three online fitness training programs (beginner, intermediate, and minimal equipment) and a Road to Loretta’s riding and fitness program. Advanced Program The advanced training is intended for experienced athletes that have been training for several years, but need help with peaking and tapering around big races. This is our most involved training…

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MTF member training in the on-site gym

Why Online Fitness Training? Welcome to MTF online fitness training! We created this training option because we saw a need in the motocross industry. Motocross is a unique sport and the physical demands are extremely complex: skill, strength, power and endurance. It’s hard to know what to do in the gym, and it’s even more…

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Ahead of the East Coast Supercross season, we chatted with Jordon Smith about his new team, extensive off-season training, and racing mindset. Keep up with Jordon Smith on his Instagram and follow us to get insight into what training looks like day-to-day. How has your mentality and approach to racing changed with the new team?  I think…

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Tiger Wood sits at a table with his 6 Mini O's championship trophies

Gatorback Cycle Park in Alachua, FL hosted the week-long Thor Mini O’s 2021 Race. The race occurred during the fourth week in November. The supercross practice track opened on Saturday November 20 at 11am and the motocross practice track opened on Tuesday, November 23 following supercross mains. The full race order can be found on the Unlimited…

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Jr Saunier jumps through the rhythm section on the MTF motocross track

Welcome to the newest series on the blog, Meet the Members, where we’ll be interviewing full-time members. MTF’s training programs cultivate community and camaraderie between its athletes. Because supercross and motocross training is both physically and mentally challenging, we have found that the community created at MTF encourages riders to achieve their best results. Our…

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Bryan Johnson instructs riders as they line up at the start gate


Since 2003, Millsaps Training Facility has trained both amateur and professional riders with a structured program that helps athletes realize their dreams of making it in the sport.

The full-blown training facility revolutionized motocross training by providing first-class facilities and state of the art programs.

Colleen and her team have extensive experience in the operation of motocross training facilities and the implementation of structured motocross training programs.