MTF was honored to host some of America’s bravest for our 12th annual two day Veterans Appreciation training camp. Thanks to Jordan Bailey, Luca Marsalisi, Gage Linville and Brian Saunier, along with Bryan Johnson and myself, we were able to work with almost 50 brave men and women and show them what we are able to…

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Take a tour of the MTF Facility here or watch below! What is MTF? MTF is an internationally recognized destination for aspiring motocross and supercross riders from all over the world. We have been in business for over 16 years. During that time,  bikes, teams, riders, and industry players have all changed and evolved into…

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Bryan Johnson instructs riders as they line up at the start gate


Since 2003, Millsaps Training Facility has trained both amateur and professional riders with a structured program that helps athletes realize their dreams of making it in the sport.

The full-blown training facility revolutionized motocross training by providing first-class facilities and state of the art programs.

Colleen and her team have extensive experience in the operation of motocross training facilities and the implementation of structured motocross training programs.