MTF member training in the on-site gym


$65 / 3 MO

Consider this an introduction to MTF Online training. If you've never been to Millsaps Training Facility or you're a bit out of practice, this is the perfect place to get back to it. 

This program is perfect for riders who want to get into racing shape. 

The 12-week fitness program offers beginner, minimal equipment, and intermediate courses. Each course features instructive videos to accompany fitness training, so you can enter the gym with confidence.

Beginner is intended for anyone that has less than a year of training experience and is looking to increase strength and endurance on the bike. Even if you’re an intermediate or advanced level athlete, this program is a great way to come back from an injury or from a long off season.

Minimal equipment is perfect for those that have limited access to gym equipment. Getting back into fitness or just starting out? This course is a great way to get going without a huge upfront cost.

The intermediate program is intended for anyone that has some training experience OR has completed the beginner program.