Welcome to MTF online training! We created this training option because we saw a need in the motocross industry. Motocross is a unique sport and the physical demands are extremely complex: skill, strength, power and endurance. It’s hard to know what to do in the gym, and it’s even more difficult to find someone you can trust to guide you through your motocross training experience. 

These training programs are designed specifically for motocross riders. We have been building champions since 2003 using the same training principles that you will have access to on this training platform. We work with motocross riders from all walks of life, all experience levels, and with all different types of goals. From 50cc riders to top professionals in the 450 class, we have the experience to figure out what makes someone fit for motocross.

Screenshot of MTF's Online Motocross Training App
Screenshot of MTF's Online Motocross Training App
Screenshot of MTF's Online Motocross Training App

When creating this training app, we had one thing in mind: simplicity. Your daily workout is at the top of the dashboard when you open the app. Want to see previous or future workouts? The "Schedule" tab at the bottom of the screen showcases your full program. Every exercise has a video demonstrating proper technique so you can always workout with confidence.



We offer a multitude of programs, from beginner, intermediate, and minimal equipment to advanced gym and riding.

Interested? Submit the Online Training Sign Up form and we will get back to you with our program recommendation and instructions for sign up!

The beginner program is the foundational pillar you will need to get started. This program is intended for anyone that has less than a year of training experience and is looking to increase strength and endurance on the bike. 

The intermediate program is intended for anyone that has at least 1-2 years of training experience OR has completed the beginner program.

The minimal equipment program is exactly how it sounds. Not everyone has access to a full gym, so this program is made up of exercises that require little to no equipment.

Not sure what program is best for you? Read more about the full program descriptions here.