Team MTF, I am writing to say Thank You for the recent week of training with Isaac. Your facility is # 1 in our book. Isaac learned so much. To be honest he is a shy kid but he took to you and Bryan with 100% respect and he can’t stop talking about you guys. (He wants to move down there). The smile he had on his face the entire time was priceless and to see him grow in one week from your training was amazing. I can only imagine where he will be with more of MTF. These memories are forever engraved. We wanted to stay for another week but due to the given circumstances with the Coronavirus we had to depart and get back home to our family in Wisconsin. We will be back for sure with a two week or more stay. Keep up the great work and please give our Thanks to your entire team.

Gaige Bourque attended the one week camp during June and at the end of that camp Mrs. Colleen suggested that he he return for the extended stay camp in December. We would be extremely grateful for that opportunity. Thank you! The June camp made him a more confident rider. He commented that he never thought that he could love riding motorcross more than he already did before the camp. He has excelled so much since then, both physically and mentally!!! Thank you all for that!

Colleen, Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Oliver and I had a fantastic time at your place!
Your team in the shop, track and gym were second to none. It is inspiring to see focused and driven people achieving at such a high level. It couldn’t help but rub off on us. It was just what we needed!
We will definitely see you again! Sincere warm wishes for continued success in all you do!
Oliver and *Martin Surak*

Thank you for an awesome week. We both learned so much more and had an amazing time! Sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye but you can bet we will be back again soon! This facility is truly amazing and we can hopefully come back longer next time. Thank you again to you and all the other trainers. Andrew and Austin

We were so impressed with the camp and my son is already talking about when he will return. The Sunday after we left we went to a race for him to put all he learned into action. First moto out with 19 riders on the line, Christian came out truly looking awesome and second out. Both my husband and myself said he looked so much more confident and solid. It has been a while since we have seen that from him. I want to thank you all for making him feel special, taking the time to really teach him proper form and technique and reiterating to him that he has what it takes to be “his greatest”. Everyone he worked with at Millsaps did make an impression on him and he is looking forward to building on what he learned from you all. So again Thank you from this race family to the “Millsap” family. Coming there was one of the single best decisions we have made and will return!

Colleen, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff for a great experience. Colleen, you are an amazing lady with a great passion for sharing your knowledge with all the riders, not only to make them better, but to make them safe. I completely understand the focus of your organization is mainly for the up and coming younger riders so I truly appreciate the attention you and the staff gave to me (“The Old Guy”), while understanding my limitations. It was a great experience! FYI: I left your facility Friday afternoon and arrived home late Saturday afternoon, on Sunday April 13, 2014 I raced in a local event in two classes 40+ A and 50+ A. Colleen, believe it or not I got the HOLESHOT all 4 motos! I won both 50+A motos and Got 3rd in the 40+A motos……..just so you know, Pro Rider Keith Johnson won! Lol! Please relay my sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire staff, everyone was fantastic. Thanks again

MTF Team, Thank you for providing such a positive learning experience for our son Max this past week. He learned not only a lot about his racing skills, which we can already see a fantastic improvement but he also enjoyed the positive life experience that takes place at your facility. We are look forward to our next experience at MTF. In the meantime Max is working hard on the skills learned during his time with the MTF team. Best Regards, Gary

Dear Colleen and Staff, Once again we spend a wonderfull productive time at MTF in March of this year and once again Vince has learnt a lot. He has once again improve so much that he has now aquired the nick name here in BC on the race circuit as “Vince The Starting Phenom” which is so a testamont of your good training and to think that this 13 year old kid of mine is only in his second year of racing and only 2 and 1/2 years of ever being on a bike. We still have our little mishaps so now and then but that is racing…it is going to happen no matter how great you become but it is not as stressfull as two years ago when you first starting training him. Comments just fly from the parents around the track of how he has improved and how good he looks on his bike and the latest is “he is just such a smooth rider” ..I would never in my wildest dreams since that kid got on a bike thought I would ever hear this…….because he was just such a disaster when he started riding two year ago…and once ag ain he could not have done this without you. You are one great woman and Vince absolutely worship the ground you walk on. He is so proud to wear his MTF T-shirts and to sport his MTF sticker on his bike. From 85 to 250cc in two years is a big step and still very scary for me but he loves his 250 and once again if you and your staff did not teach and train this kid how to ride and handle a big bike and work on his mental and physical skills and fitness we would not have been where we are today. So far for the season he is first overall in the BCMA inerior in Scoolboy, second overall in the MX2 junior A and 3 overall in MX 3 junior and racing against some 450 cc bikes . THANX once again and we will be back next year. Johanna and Jean Oosthuizen

Hello Everyone, I would like to Thank Bryan and Colleen for the great job they did at the 65 camp Marco enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to come back in the fall it was very worth the 20 hour drive

Hey I wanted to let you know that Alexa ran in the LLQ at Budds Creek last weekend and finished 5th overall, so, she qualified her first time trying!!

When I decided to spend my pre-season training and racing in the USA, I chose the MTF because I had heard such good words about it in Brazil. Now that I’ve just spent 45 days there, I’m convinced that there is no better place than here for a rider to enhance his techniques with a professional team so well prepared in all aspects of Motocross. Everybody in the MTF lives and breathes motocross: Colleen knows exactly what you need to burst your potential and become faster and faster; Bryan sees things that you can’t see and helps you to correct them. Clint, in the fitness training, knows exactly what a rider needs to be in shape for the races; Paul makes you feel more confident and focused for the races™ I also enjoyed the discipline that ruled our daily activities there. It’s indeed an extraordinary MX training school for riders of all ages. I really want to thank everyone in MTF for all support I received everyday from you guys during my stay. Colleen, Paul, Big Bryan, Bryan, Camilo, Joey, you really made me feel at home, thanks for all the good times at the MTF. We’ll sure see each other again later this year, when I’ll get back to train and try to qualify for SX 2011!

Rafael Zenni #931
Brazilian MX and SX Champ

This is Charles Blake – Neil Blake’s father. We participated in your week long camp Mar 15-20th. Just wanted to send a message regarding my thoughts on the training Neil received during that week. I will try and keep this as short as possible. When we arrived at MTF at 10:30 am and I saw all the RV’s pull in with two or more newer motorcycles in tow, I must admit I was slightly embarrassed for Neil about our situation, also started to believe we may have made a mistake – we were definitely out of our league. My thinking was this; Why would any of the trainers at MTF, the premiere motocross training facility, focus too much of their time on a rider who obviously is not equipped financially to be racing high profile classes back home. Time would be better spent on the sponsored riders with the means to make all the big races, hopefully win many and speak the praises of MTF. At this point I was just hoping that Neil would overhear and see enough to learn what He came for.
Well I was so completely and totally wrong in my thinking. My son was treated like any of the other “well equipped” young men. Your trainers were absolutely the best we could have hoped for. Every one was treated fair but firm. All received enough individual instruction to help the boys remember what they needed to work on to lower the chance of injury and increase their speed.
Neil tells me that he feels he may have received a little more attention than some of the other riders. If that is true I thank you all. Neil gave up alot to make it to MTF and told me He would make it all worth while by being the best student he could be. I for one was so impressed, your facility treated every one equal and provided teaching in every aspect of motocross. My son has been reviewing and training daily in our back yard. The speed is ever increasing, his goals ever expanding and the praise he speaks of MTF is never ending. See you next year with about 3 other families in tow.
P.S. Thanks especially to you Colleen, your training and personal touch was by far what Neil remembers most of his experience. You are what puts MTF above the rest. Take care everyone.

Thank You! A great experience! I will tell others. You have made me better, thanks again. Erik # 739

Hi There, Clay asked me to email you. A couple of weeks ago Clay won his first race since we were there. He won the 65cc 7-9 class with the closest kid being over half a lap back. He got 5th in the 65cc 7-11 class. He got the hole shot in every moto he raced. You have never seen such an excited kid. He wanted you guys to know he used everything he was taught and he wanted Bryan to know he was downshifting in the corners and coming out in the right gear. We appreciate everything you guys do and the folks that work there. Every time we leave he asks when we are coming back before we even get out of the parking lot. Thanks again. Rocky  (July 2019)

MTF is such a wonderful experience you feel like part of the family. Plus he loved being yelled at by Colleen ha ha. It was a real privilege! We thought it would be a great idea to send him back in 2019 for an extended stay camp as this year he is entering Seniors in Australia (definitely a step up from junior riding). To be banging bars with the riders at MTF definitely puts you in a space whereby you are set to improve, the world-class track, the incredible skills of riders there are challenges everywhere. So improvement is inevitable. I would like to thank you for instilling confidence in Sam for this year and introductory Senior race into the Mountain Man at Echo Valley (a ride day based on endurance) which has one mixed class of 450’s, 250’s pro riders, intermediate and clubman. I’m happy to say that day he completed 11 races (which I was tired running up and down the hill to the start gate for 8klms over the day) he came 7th in the 125 class and 34th in the Mountain Man class and banged bars with Jay Wilson. Qualifying for this race is an achievement in itself considering the skill needed! There is no way he could have completed 11 races but the level of fitness level he obtained whilst at MTF allowed him to be able to do all this (he’s only 16 and been racing for 2.5 years)… not bad for a newbie. So thanks to Colleen, Brian, Henry, Pete & Tony (I hope I didn’t miss anyone) for your world-class enterprise offering riders an unparalleled experience… I do not know anywhere else in the world where everything like MTF comes together. Sam came back so much more matured by the experience, maybe we will send him to live there ha ha. Anyway, keep doing what you do … what you have is totally unique and is a special place for improvement not only as a rider but in yourself too. Sam just love you guys and thank you for giving him the head start to the year. We would absolutely recommend MTF!  Kindest regards, Amanda xx (March 2019)

Peter just entered his first motocross race ever today. He placed 10th out of like 30 riders. I wanted to thank you and the staff at MTF. Pete learned valuable techniques that kept him safe and confident. I know that with the techniques you showed him over time he will be where he wants to go. Thank you again and I’m looking to come back soon.

Hi Colleen it’s Dan on the Honda from the 2 week camp not too long ago! I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me and showing me my errors. Today was the first race of the season for me at Englishtown, and I can’t lie, with more confidence and a better feel on the bike, combined with better technique made the race so much easier for me and so much more fun too!! For once I wasn’t staring at my front fender thinking it’ll turn to gold or something haha…I finally got my first trophy after 2 long years. I can’t even describe how happy I am just for a piece of painted plastic, but progress just feels so damn good! Its been fantastic training at MTF and I’m looking to come back as soon as i can!!!!!

The staff were outstanding in their knowledge and care for my son. The changes were as fluid as the entire experience. Camilo was so gracious in his understanding and compassion for the level of where my son is and wants to be. Everyone was so wonderful and I am so thankful we came here.


Thanks for helping my son Michael regain his riding confidence! Your combined effort in helping Mike regain his speed and confidence was amazing to watch, and it took only days. Michael returned to NJ and his first race was a LL Qualifier,I think he reverted to his bad habits and was frustrated at running a stock 85 in all his classes. The best he managed was a 10th in 85 (12-15) stock. The good news after a weekend of practice he finished fifth in 85 and a fifth in supermini,all because he relaxed and remembered what he was told at MTF. We look forward to a much more competitive season now that he relaxed. Thanks we hope to see you this winter again for a two week class.

Just wanted to say “Thank You” for such a great training week. Anthony did very well in his first race on the new bike. He said the combination of Millsaps and the personal trainer we got for him when he got back has made all the difference. And I feel better knowing he’s a stronger/safer rider. Thanks to everyone involved and hopefully see you next year.
Regards, Sue

Just wanted to say thank you all so much for giving Emerson the experience of a life time. He had a fabulous week with you and of course would love to come back in the future. Please pass on our thanks to Colleen and the team for all their hard work, he absolutely loved every minute of it.

I thought I would drop a little line to you and let you know that you guys have done awesome training Joe and I wanted to thank Colleen for trying to help us with the advancement problem. This weekend was Joseph’s first race since the camp and he got 3rd in his first 250 B moto ever, we were really proud of him. With the knowledge and training that you guys showed him, he has really stepped up and taking it to the next level. This is the best $1200 dollars we have ever spent and we will be back for years to come.

Hello everyone, Just a little note to say thanks again for all of the great training. Beau had an awesome start taking the hole shot and took first place this weekend at Bithlo in one class and a second overall in another class. This was his first race since he attended camp at MTF. I thought you might like to hear that he feels the help he received from camp gave him the ability to do so well. He seems to be retaining the techniques he learned at MTF, and putting them to good use. Thanks again, and hope to see you all soon.
Michelle, mother of # 88 Beau

We just wanted to send you a note and tell you and your staff how much we appreciated you guys. This past weekend we went to the southeast youth regional and out of 67 riders in the 65cc 7-9 Logan qualified 3rd overall so we are on our way to Loretta’s again!! Since attending your camp Logan has really blossomed on his 65. His starts have been more consistent thanks to some much needed advice that has stuck in his brain since camp. I can really hear his bike wound out on the gate now as opposed to what it used to be and it has really made a difference. There was a set of rollers at Lazy river this weekend and Logan said “Dad, I just squeezed my bike with my legs like miss Colleen said and I was flying by those other kids”. So, with that being said we just signed up for another class in July which will of course be right before Loretta’s so miss Colleen work him hard he has a good shot to podium this year if he can keep up the momentum. Until then we will keep doing the homework. We look forward to seeing you guys soon. Logan can’t wait to get on the turn track…May try to come in June as well. Will just have to see.
thanks again,
Jason (father of Logan), South Carolina

Hey Paul, Brett Warner, we were at the camp in February. Have been extremely busy, but I wanted to email you guys to let you know what an awesome time we had. It is still very fresh in our minds. It was one of the most rewarding things that I have ever been a part of. Colleen, Brian, Nate, Camilo, Clint, and you were great. My kids learned so much and can’t stop talking about it. Taylor, my oldest has the checklist that you did™for him right in front of his computer. He looks at it every day. One of the things that we have been really working on is the goal setting, trying to set a specific goal for every time we ride. So far so good their technique is improving in leaps and bounds. One of the things that you had written down on his report was for him to visualize a holeshot. He hadn’t ever gotten one before, probably not in the top ten. We just had our first race this weekend. Well, he got that holeshot in one moto and was top 5 in the other three. He got 3rd overall in 250C and 2nd overall in open C. Another thing on his report was, never give up. One moto he got taken out in the first turn off of the line and was dead last by half a lap. He got up started the bike, caught the field, passed 22 riders™and finished 6th. Led an entire lap in another moto. Think we aren’t pumped? I can tell you without any doubt that his riding has improved immensely since camp. He learned so much. It’s started to show at this point. We have been riding two or three times a week. Again, I™want to thank all of you for your help and expertise. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Make sure that you tell everyone thanks and what a great group of teachers they are. Hope to see you next year.

Our family can’t say enough about what an awesome time we had during your 1 week camp (3/17/19 – 3/22/19) and how much we all learned. It’s amazing how you and Bryan jr instruct in a way that resonates with your campers. I personally appreciate how each skill is explained and supported by examples and explanation of “downstream impact”- how skills apply and tie together. Another significant factor is how a group of skills are introduced, executed, and then combined to contribute to one goal, such as; outside elbow up, squeezing the bike with your legs, upper body forward weight on the front wheel, on the balls of your feet, no back brake, 70% of braking is front brake, keep power on = faster, safer, effective cornering…. And the reputation in which we practice these skills is priceless. I also appreciate the use of 2 different instructors/coaches (Colleen and Bryan jr) each of you with your own style but conveying the same message, with consistency and accuracy. This appeals to different learning styles, how one camper might hear a message from one coach vs another, helps that message resonate. The starts and turn-track sessions were outstanding, very informative, and eye-opening, applying these skills to real track sections and even encouraging “partner execution” like pairing up to run the sweeper and group starts (how many times we get to practice group starts!) was on point!! The structure in which you set up the camps whether it’s the impact testing, the video sessions, mental skills coaching, track work, fitness training, and the ability to go out and free ride, were top notch. The mental skills coaching with Paul gave us things to implement and carry forward. Another factor which was really a plus is all the pros running around your facility; riding and training, and very cool to talk with, it’s a testament to what you do and offer. Jordan Smith (although healing from his wrist injury) taking his free time to work with campers was a true highlight, and what was amazing is that he echoes the same points that you (Colleen) and Bryan jr share. Also, Dave the onsite mechanic, was very helpful in his recommendations, he was also quick to resolve any issues. Lastly, upon leaving your facility we went and raced at Crossbones MX in Billingsley, AL start of the Alabama state series. It was a total sand track, our son Ty has never performed well on sand tracks, he went 3rd in the 85 Open, and 2nd in the 85 9-11!!!! Lastly, thank you for the rider evaluation, also the gifts and swag, we appreciate this and I’m sure any MX family appreciates a hook-up in terms of saving a lil $. We will be back, 1 week wasn’t long enough. Thank you and please share our sentiments with the team/ staff!

T, M, and Ty #9

Just wanted to let you know, Jonathan rode his 5th mx race on Sunday at AK Farms for District 34. It was a horrible day, muddy as all hell. The 50’s all got DNF’s. We told Jonathan to do exactly what Colleen & Gavin told him to do and not worry about speed. Just to focus. The goal was steady & no falling!!! Well he was a different rider out there. He took the holeshot in both motos & never looked back. By the end of the race he was mixed in with the 10-11 65cc line that went before his! He was so happy. Please tell Colleen & Gavin!! He is really trying to do what they told him!! Thanks for everything!!!!! The boys will be back!!!

Great job! The trainers not only communicated the information to the kids but us Dads as well. It was like we were at camp as well!

Thanks for everything Paul! We had a terrific time! Michael had a race yesterday and he usually finishes second to last place, however, he finished 15th. Needless to say, he was very excited. It’s a work in progress but he was proud of himself. We can’t thank you and your team enough, and Colleen is a superstar. I don’t know how she does it all. We will see you again soon! All the best!

Just wanted formally thank you for the great experience we had at the 65 Camp last week. My son has never been through formal training like that. Amazing, that after riding for 6 years, there are so many things my son has to change or improve on to become a better rider. The instruction from Bryan, how the training is scheduled over the 2 days, and the facility, surpassed our expectations. My son stated even before we left, that he is saving his money so he can go back. Thanks Again!

The camp was everything I ever expected and more. This is the best /hardest motocross experience ever and the trainers were great and helped me to have confidence in what™I was doing.
Jonathon Bledsoe
Jacksonville, Florida

Holy %&#!!! Adam just got hole shot. Race before he got 2nd at the first turn. What did u do to my kid?????? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 =

Thanks for everything even me who is not afraid of anything looked at those whoops like oh my god but two passes through and I was blitzing them…the form they teach you will inspire confidence everywhere…Thanks guys and hope to see you again soon!!! Wayne Hall Camp 4/10-15 Vet B rider!!!

So so many people has asked Jean and myself what did we do with Vincent because he has not been racing all year and he looks so good on his bike compare to last year and some of the parents had even told their kids to watch Vince at the starting gates. It is once again now very clear to us that the fact that we took him to your facility has made him looked so good and perform so well with kids that has been racing for years and all of this year so far. There are the good ones that always wins and for Vincent to be pretty close to their heels was a big eye opener for us and many other parents that saw him race this weekend. Once again thank you very very much for all of you that had Vince in your classes in March of 2011 and especially you Colleen for making your facility and yourself and your instructors available for people like us to keep our kids safe and on their bikes and actually looking good not like flailing chickens with their heads chopped off. We will see you again next year. THANX

We're real excited. We found out pretty quick where she needs work and she's been working out hard and trying to practice all the stuff she learned down there…

Hey guys, Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did while we were at your June 21st one week camp. My son Mitchell really enjoyed working with all your trainers. They really put things on a level that you can really understand no matter what age. We just finished the Florida Motocross series. Mitchell finished with a third overall in the 85 7-11 class. He really used a lot of the techniques you taught him and he knew exactly what he did right and what he needed to improve on. We are going to come back in the new year for some more schooling. Look foward to see you all. Thanks again. Mitch, father of #12 Mitchell

I wanted to extend my thanks to each and every one of you at M.T.F. We attended your camp June 21-26th. As my son Ryan advanced and became a faster rider, taking huge chances with speed and jumps, and a few injuries. I became fearful, I had no knowledge as to how to help him at that level. I decided knowledge was key for him. I decided to investigate training facilities to help him become a safer, faster rider. Though I personally didn’t know anyone who had attended your camp. I’m from Ohio. I kept going back to your web site. My gut kept telling me to go with M.T.F. so, I did. We will never regret that decision! Not only did you help him to the next level of safety, skill, and riding. I feel you also taught me invaluable lessons also. Ryan has been applying the skills that you helped instill in him and doing wonderfully. At O.I.R. he took a first and a third overall in his 250c class, out of 40 and 42 other riders. Thanks again for being the wonderful facility that you are!! Number one in my book. You took the time to get to know Ryan personally, constructively cued in on strengths and weaknesses and professionally conducted the whole program. We learned a lot, and laughed a lot, too! Thank you again! Ryan (#104’s) Mom

I must give credit to the overall program that Colleen has designed, not only does she bring the best out of each rider through her knowledge in racing but also the individual attention she gives to each rider as well. The coaching that you and your staff provide hit all the required areas that one can take and use in any discipline.
Great job keep up the good work
Chuck, New York

Colleen, wanted to thank you and the guys again for teaching Murphy the things you did. He is so improved. In the youth races he got a 1st and 2nd, in lites C 4th& 3rd, 201 to 450 2nd overall. Trophies in every race this year. We plan on sending him back asap. Again thanks Colleen to you and your staff.

We just wanted to send a quick note to tell you thank you for the time spent this past weekend with the 65 camp and the wealth of knowledge the riders gain because of you all. This was the first camp for Hunter and he walked away learning a lot. You have an excellent program and are doing great things for our sport. Thank you very much and we are hoping to see you again in June.