Millsaps Training Facility


Are you looking to be a part of a serious motocross training facility?
A training facility where you can have structured training programs, camping, recreation and storage facilities and that features national caliber motocross, supercross and arenacross tracks set on a 110-acre facility. How about a facility that is located in the motocross capital of the East Coast, Cairo, GA, where they are known to have some of the fastest riders in the sport? If you are looking to intensify your growth as a rider, then look no further than Millsaps Training Facility. MTF combines the latest in sport science technologies with over a decade of experience to offer complete motocross training programs for riders of all ages and abilities.


Owner Colleen Millsaps, along with others, saw the need for a place where aspiring racers could have a structured program that would help them realize their dreams of making it in the sport. They set out to create a full-blown training facility that would revolutionize motocross training by providing first class facilities and state of the art programs. MTF opened in 2003 and now with backing from companies like Red Bull, Factory Connection, Dunlop, FMF and Scott Goggles, they have achieved that goal.


We aim to provide the ultimate in motocross training. All of our programs include advanced technical, physical and mental training designed to help every rider reach his or her full potential. Everything we do is focused on helping each rider reach new levels of speed while remaining safe on the bike.

We understand that skill improvement and confidence take time to develop. Our full time program is formulated with the perfect balance of one-on-one instruction and competitive racing with our other riders. Our short stay camps provide intense instruction and a guide for how to continue on your own.
Our goal is for you to know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals and be confident in the knowledge that you gave all the effort you had. We believe it is in this environment that champions are created, not just on the track,
but off it as well.


MTF provides structured training programs for motocross riders looking to improve both their skills on the bike and results on the track. With national caliber motocross and supercross tracks set on a 110-acre facility MTF provides instruction and coaching for all ages and skill levels, from beginner 65cc riders to professional racers.

Full time annual training involves a 48 week program designed to prepare riders for national level amateur events or professional series. State of the art fitness training complements on track instruction from Colleen Millsaps who combines her extensive technical knowledge with a passion and energy second to none.

Our short stay camps of 1-8 weeks teach riders the fundamentals of going fast and safe on a dirt bike. Riders leave MTF armed with the knowledge of how to train harder and smarter and how to get the most out of their racing.


Bryan Johnson Jr.

Head Trainer

Colleen Millsaps

owner and director of coaching

Jacob Pennisi

Fitness director

Bryan Johnson Snr.

General manager

Torie Greenwell

Kitchen manager

Belle Harrell


John McClain

Motor Mechanic

Alex Lucero

Frame Mechanic

Charlie Yanes

SHOp manager

Chris Post



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