Camp frequently asked questions

Am I required to have Health Insurance?

 Yes, you must have health insurance. If you need additional short term insurance (e.g. for overseas riders) click here

Which forms do I need to sign?

 If the rider is under 18 then a parent needs to sign the minor release form. Parents that do not stay with their rider during the week must assign someone to be the health care surrogate, either a guardian or MTF. Parents of riders under age 18 that do not come to MTF must sign, have notarized and send the appropriate form below: 

What is the student/instructor ratio?

The student instructor ratio is almost always 9:1 or less

How fast do I need to be?

The One Week camp is for riders of any age and all skill levels, but you must be on an 85cc bike or larger. In some camps we will offer a 65cc group (typically in cooler months).

 How often do we ride?

You train Monday through Thursday and on Friday the emphasis switches to free riding and technique recaps as determined by the instructors.

 Do we ride at the same time annual members do?

No, you will train with the riders in the camp. However, Colleen will often use pro riders or MTF full time riders to demonstrate skills.

 Do I need to bring equipment and bikes?

We ask that you bring your own equipment and bike (two if you have them). Please make sure they are in good operable condition before arriving (sprockets, tires, levers etc.)

 Is there a mechanic?

We have a full Race Pro Shop onsite. Work is done on a fee basis and all repairs can be handled.

Do you rent bikes?

Yes. We can get you almost any bike for the camp week. The cost is $1,000 for the first week and you’re responsible for breakable parts such as fenders, levers and pipes. We’ll replace the bike at no charge if it blows up.

Do we workout?

 Yes. Our trainers will provide daily sessions of cardio conditioning and muscular strength training. Normally these are not strenuous workouts unless you request it. The emphasis will be on fitness education so that riders can continue with a program once they get home.
* Bring gym shoes and clothes 

What if I get hurt and can’t attend?

 If you are unable to attend your camp due to injury you may reschedule for any camp within 12 months, as space allows

Do you have a daily bike service available?

 Yes, we have a daily service package which includes bike cleaning and basic maintenance for $80.00 per day.