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Beginner Fitness

This is a 12 week program meant for a true beginner, or someone that is looking to get back into training after some time off or an injury. This program focuses on building a foundation of strength training with an emphasis on technique, and the introduction of cardio.

12 Weeks


With our Beginner fitness program, you'll receive 12 weeks worth of training programs, released one month at a time. These programs tell you exactly what to do on each day of the week, as well as include technique videos for each exercise. This means all you need to do is open the app, and start training. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Jacob Pennisi

Fitness Director at MTF
Jacob holds a B.S. degree in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Science from the University of Nebraska and is also a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA. He has ridden and raced motocross and understands the physical preparation necessary to reach the top level in the sport.