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Full Body Stretch and Foam Roll Routine

This is an easy follow along full body stretch and foam roll routine to help you stay mobile and reduce your chances of getting injured!


With our Full Body Stretch and Foam Roll Routine, you'll get access to a complete follow along mobility routine, including video demonstrations of every stretch and foam rolling position.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Jacob Pennisi

Fitness Director at MTF
Jacob has been the Fitness Director at MTF for 5 years, training top professionals like Jordon Smith, Max Anstie, and Martin Davalos all the way to 8 year old beginners.  Jacob has been riding and training his whole life. Even today, he gets out and rides any chance he gets, and trains in the gym every day. Married and a father of two, Jacob is not just a gym trainer to the members, but a leader and mentor, helping them to navigate the highs and lows of the sport we all love so much.