End of Day:

The MTF Race Shop offers these daily maintenance services to camp participants in addition to full mechanical services. These are the daily maintenance checks that each rider should be able to perform. If you’re not comfortable doing them or choose not to we offer the following services to help the rider have the best camp, mechanically, possible.

  • Wash bike completely. Properly plug silencer and cover filter.
  • Spray chain and other moving parts with WD-40, etc to prevent corrosion and replace with customer supplied clean air filter.
  • Change engine oil.
  • Check/adjust chain.
  • Check/tighten spokes.·
  • Check/tighten rear sprocket bolts.
  • Check/adjust tire pressure.
  • Bleed air from forks.
  • Check for proper free play in clutch
  • Check for loose or missing bolts

Going through the checklist will also allow us to discover potentially dangerous items like broken spokes, loose/missing bolts, worn chain, worn sprockets/broken teeth, leaking fork/shock seals etc.

You will be notified of any additional repair needs and you can decide how you want to handle them.

The MTF Race Shop offers this daily maintenance service for $70/day (plus supplies, oils, parts) to MTF campers who pre-register with us at the beginning of camp.

Camps usually run Monday-Friday. Costs are for 4 actual days at the end of each day. The discounted cost for doing all 4 days is $260.00 , (plus oils, parts. etc, and any other repairs needed).