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Team MTF, I am writing to say Thank You for the recent week of training with Isaac. Your facility is # 1 in our book. Isaac learned so much. To be honest he is a shy kid but he took to you and Bryan with 100% respect and he can’t stop talking about you guys. (He wants to move down there). The smile he had on his face the entire time was priceless and to see him grow in one week from your training was amazing. I can only imagine where he will be with more of MTF. These memories are forever engraved. We wanted to stay for another week but due to the given circumstances with the Coronavirus we had to depart and get back home to our family in Wisconsin. We will be back for sure with a two week or more stay. Keep up the great work and please give our Thanks to your entire team

Hi Colleen it’s Dan on the Honda from the 2 week camp not too long ago! I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me and showing me my errors. Today was the first race of the season for me at Englishtown, and I can’t lie, with more confidence and a better feel on the bike, combined with better technique made the race so much easier for me and so much more fun too!! For once I wasn’t staring at my front fender thinking it’ll turn to gold or something haha…I finally got my first trophy after 2 long years. I can’t even describe how happy I am just for a piece of painted plastic, but progress just feels so damn good! Its been fantastic training at MTF and I’m looking to come back as soon as i can!!!!!.

Thanks for everything even me who is not afraid of anything looked at those whoops like oh my god but two passes through and I was blitzing them…the form they teach you will inspire confidence everywhere…Thanks guys and hope to see you again soon!!! Wayne Hall Camp 4/10-15 Vet B rider!!!

Hey guys, Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did while we were at your June 21st one week camp. My son Mitchell really enjoyed working with all your trainers. They really put things on a level that you can really understand no matter what age. We just finished the Florida Motocross series. Mitchell finished with a third overall in the 85 7-11 class. He really used a lot of the techniques you taught him and he knew exactly what he did right and what he needed to improve on. We are going to come back in the new year for some more schooling. Look foward to see you all. Thanks again. Mitch, father of #12 Mitchell
Hi There, Clay asked me to email you. A couple of weeks ago Clay won his first race since we were there. He won the 65cc 7-9 class with the closest kid being over half a lap back. He got 5th in the 65cc 7-11 class. He got the hole shot in every moto he raced. You have never seen such an excited kid. He wanted you guys to know he used everything he was taught and he wanted Bryan to know he was downshifting in the corners and coming out in the right gear. We appreciate everything you guys do and the folks that work there. Every time we leave he asks when we are coming back before we even get out of the parking lot. Thanks again. Rocky (July 2019)

Our family can’t say enough about what an awesome time we had during your 1 week camp (3/17/19 – 3/22/19) and how much we all learned. It’s amazing how you and Bryan jr instruct in a way that resonates with your campers. I personally appreciate how each skill is explained and supported by examples and explanation of “downstream impact”- how skills apply and tie together. Another significant factor is how a group of skills are introduced, executed, and then combined to contribute to one goal, such as; outside elbow up, squeezing the bike with your legs, upper body forward weight on the front wheel, on the balls of your feet, no back brake, 70% of braking is front brake, keep power on = faster, safer, effective cornering…. And the reputation in which we practice these skills is priceless. I also appreciate the use of 2 different instructors/coaches (Colleen and Bryan jr) each of you with your own style but conveying the same message, with consistency and accuracy. This appeals to different learning styles, how one camper might hear a message from one coach vs another, helps that message resonate. The starts and turn-track sessions were outstanding, very informative, and eye-opening, applying these skills to real track sections and even encouraging “partner execution” like pairing up to run the sweeper and group starts (how many times we get to practice group starts!) was on point!! The structure in which you set up the camps whether it’s the impact testing, the video sessions, mental skills coaching, track work, fitness training, and the ability to go out and free ride, were top notch. The mental skills coaching with Paul gave us things to implement and carry forward. Another factor which was really a plus is all the pros running around your facility; riding and training, and very cool to talk with, it’s a testament to what you do and offer. Jordan Smith (although healing from his wrist injury) taking his free time to work with campers was a true highlight, and what was amazing is that he echoes the same points that you (Colleen) and Bryan jr share. Also, Dave the onsite mechanic, was very helpful in his recommendations, he was also quick to resolve any issues. Lastly, upon leaving your facility we went and raced at Crossbones MX in Billingsley, AL start of the Alabama state series. It was a total sand track, our son Ty has never performed well on sand tracks, he went 3rd in the 85 Open, and 2nd in the 85 9-11!!!! Lastly, thank you for the rider evaluation, also the gifts and swag, we appreciate this and I’m sure any MX family appreciates a hook-up in terms of saving a lil $. We will be back, 1 week wasn’t long enough. Thank you and please share our sentiments with the team/ staff!
T, M, and Ty #9
We were so impressed with the camp and my son is already talking about when he will return. The Sunday after we left we went to a race for him to put all he learned into action. First moto out with 19 riders on the line, Christian came out truly looking awesome and second out. Both my husband and myself said he looked so much more confident and solid. It has been a while since we have seen that from him. I want to thank you all for making him feel special, taking the time to really teach him proper form and technique and reiterating to him that he has what it takes to be “his greatest”. Everyone he worked with at Millsaps did make an impression on him and he is looking forward to building on what he learned from you all. So again Thank you from this race family to the “Millsap” family. Coming there was one of the single best decisions we have made and will return!

Dear Colleen and Staff, Once again we spend a wonderfull productive time at MTF in March of this year and once again Vince has learnt a lot. He has once again improve so much that he has now aquired the nick name here in BC on the race circuit as “Vince The Starting Phenom” which is so a testamont of your good training and to think that this 13 year old kid of mine is only in his second year of racing and only 2 and 1/2 years of ever being on a bike. We still have our little mishaps so now and then but that is racing…it is going to happen no matter how great you become but it is not as stressfull as two years ago when you first starting training him. Comments just fly from the parents around the track of how he has improved and how good he looks on his bike and the latest is “he is just such a smooth rider” ..I would never in my wildest dreams since that kid got on a bike thought I would ever hear this…….because he was just such a disaster when he started riding two year ago…and once ag ain he could not have done this without you. You are one great woman and Vince absolutely worship the ground you walk on. He is so proud to wear his MTF T-shirts and to sport his MTF sticker on his bike. From 85 to 250cc in two years is a big step and still very scary for me but he loves his 250 and once again if you and your staff did not teach and train this kid how to ride and handle a big bike and work on his mental and physical skills and fitness we would not have been where we are today. So far for the season he is first overall in the BCMA inerior in Scoolboy, second overall in the MX2 junior A and 3 overall in MX 3 junior and racing against some 450 cc bikes . THANX once again and we will be back next year. Johanna and Jean Oosthuizen